About Us

Our Love for Coffee Just Runs in the Family

Coffee takes a big part in our family life.

It is literally the beginning and the end of every day. It is the center of family gatherings as well as our only need in our alone time.

So, as such family, we’ve walked a great distance to get the perfect coffee. We’ve tested every method, every machine and device. We toured the world for different tastes and unique recipes. And we didn’t stop until we found the perfect fit for us.

As time went by, we expanded the passion to all variety of coffee making products and accessories, and then, naturally, expanded the interest to the entire kitchen.

In The Coffee Cave, we bring you the best products we found over the years, so you could create your own cave,  for family, friends work space and more.

Together with excellent products and competitive prices, you will find in the Coffee Cave community also deals, sales, tips and more, but most important, you will find people who understand you and share the same passion to coffee, food and company.