The vital ingredient of coffee that keeps being overlooked…

Imagine you are making a dish. Any dish, let’s say, for example – a cheeseburger.

Now, you have all the ingredients, the meat, the cheese, the buns, the vegetables.

And all of your ingredients are in good quality and reasonably fresh.


Almost all of them. There is one bad ingredient, I mean, in real bad shape.

For the sake of argument, it is not the main ingredient – it is not the meat. The meat is perfect.

But there is another ingredient that might spoil the entire dish. It can be rotten lettuce, a long-expired cheese, or an extremely dry bun.

Now, you have to choose – use the bad ingredient, and try to “cover” its taste? Or fix it?

If you chose the first option, of covering the taste of the bad ingredient, please make sure you never ever work at making food to other people…

Of course, we would like to fix the bad ingredient, it is a shame to spoil such a good dish for it (I mean, how lazy can we be…)

But when it comes to coffee, people tend to choose the cover-up way too many times.

Let’s forget about the cheeseburger, it served us well to prove a point, and we can move on now.

Let’s talk about coffee!

Isn’t that the reason we are here, anyway?

Coffee has only two ingredients – coffee and water (and sometimes a few spices as well).

One big mistake people tend to make is to consider the water as the less critical ingredient in the coffee.

That’s wrong. That’s a flavor killer, that’s a coffee destroyer, that’s a Starbucks level sin…

It is true, the coffee (the beans or powder) is the most critical ingredient in coffee. However, the water is not the “less important ingredient” . NO NO NO.

Water is the second most important ingredient in the coffee.

Treat the water like that, and you will never make the mistake of trying to cover up the taste of bad water in your coffee.

Because that’s exactly what happens. In so many houses around the country, people don’t drink the water from the tap. Usually, the alternative is bottled water, but there are other alternatives as well.

No. if you are not willing to drink the tap water in your own house, why do you think it will work as coffee?

And then people are trying to figure what’s wrong with the coffee, changing the beans, try a different coffee maker, try different filters, and eventually end up going out to the coffee shop every time they want a decent cup of coffee.

But, have you checked the second most ingredient in your coffee? Is the water good enough? If not, don’t try to cover up the taste with stronger coffee or too much half and half.

Fix the problem!

How? I’m glad you asked. That’s what I’m here for.

Here are three easy ways to improve the water quality in your own house and get a much better coffee every time.

1. Use the bottled water

This is the easiest way, probably the cheapest, and the solution is already in your hands. Simply use the same bottled water you drink instead of drinking your tap water to make coffee! Simple and brilliant… on some level…

The pros of this method are that it is already here, it is simple and relatively cheap.

The cons are that water quality is unknown and that you will be tempted to go back to the tap water the first time there will not be a water bottle near you when you make coffee. You will regret it.

2. Water Filter Pitcher

This is a very reasonable solution to get better quality water in your home. The most famous is, of course, the BRITA, but there are others. These Water Filter Pitchers are not expensive, easy to use, the filters are affordable, and the maintenance is minimal. The result, in most cases, is satisfying, and you will really feel the difference both in the coffee and in the water. In the long run, you’ll save a few bucks comparing to bottled water and save a lot of unnecessary plastic, which will help the planet (remember – the earth is the only planet with coffee!)

So the pros of this method are the good quality water, the ease of use, and the affordability of such a system.

The cons, however, are the filter replacing. It is crucial to replace the filter once a month every month. Because if you are overusing the filter, it will stop improving the water and start deproving them (is that a word? Now it is, it’s the opposite of improving).

And changing a filter once a month, although sound quite simple, usually become a burden somehow. I don’t know why, but it happens too many times. You might then realize the filter is old, stop using the Water Filter Pitcher, and make coffee with tap water again.

You will regret it.

3. Home Water Filter system

No doubt, this is the most complete solution of them all.

It will give you the highest quality of water, and the easiest use since you will have now filtered water in your tap – all of them.

The filters in this system are usually more effective than those in the Water Filter Pitcher, and the water quality is better as well. It will be reflected well in the water taste in the coffee taste, and it might even affect your health (for the better).

So the pros of this method are clear.

The cons of a complete home water filter system are the price, the installation, and maintenance. The more the system is complicated, the more it needs care.

Sometimes you can find such a system with a maintenance pack, including filter changing,  but that will be reflected in the price.

We are down to the bottom line –

Water is a vital ingredient of your coffee. If you don’t like the taste of the water in your tap, most likely, it is affecting your coffee as well.

Don’t try to cover it.

Fix it. Choose the method that will work best for you, and do it.

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